Frequently asked questions

What do they teach in Tae Kwon Do?

By considering the development of the age, the ability of sports, a motor nerve, and the conditions of the body, we have programs to develop physical strength, endurance, quickness, flexibility, self-control, etc. for strong strength; also by grafting school activities like: skipping rope, running, and ball activities, etc. to educate on the common activities. On the weekend, we have “get together” time to learn cooperation and independency and get to know each other more; also by having a time to thank our parents how graceful they are to us, we help guide children to the righteous path of the human being.

Don’t they get hurt during the class?

Continue of the activity, pressures the end part of the bone to help quicken the growth and harden the bones to for right frame of the body. But, restricting too much on the movement cause to reduce density and diameter of the bones. The first guiding principle is safety first. Therefore we pay our most tension on children to prevent accidents.

I heard if you do Tae Kwon Do, children don’t get taller…?

The activities like Tae Kwon Do expand the muscles, ligament, and joints, so it helps to get taller. Therefore, through Tae Kwon Do, if children elevate the basic activities and self-defense, they feel more secure, have confidence in themselves, feel that they have accomplished their task, and get feeling of satisfaction to get more positive self-concept.

When will be the right time to start Tae Kwon Do?

At 12 years old, 90%of the children’s body movement, which use their major muscles are complete. Also, about 80% of the body settlements through muscles are complete. Agility, adaptability and balance is complete about 60% during 1~7years old, so a lot of childhood activities help the strength and the frame of the body. According to growth morphology, they improvement on abilities of activities does not only effect physical but also mental and nerve system in our body. Therefore, they can improve their whole body through the programs, which are designed for these improvements.

What are the benefits of Tae Kwon Do?

  • Children with negative attitude, who doesn’t get along with their friends, will achieve courage and become more positive (Social Improvement)
  • Lazy and weak-minded children will develop the frame of a body and helps quicken the growth of the body (Body Improvement)
  • Children having confusion, a stress, and weak concentration will develop their patience through a thorough study of decorum and chivalry (Characteristic Improvement)
  • Stimulate unused brain cells to increase intellect, memorization, understanding, and decision-making abilities (Intellect Improvement)

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