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When you decide to work with Sohn's Agape Taekwondo, you will be getting so much more out of your learning experience. We are a Martial Arts School in the Thornhill area. Check out all of the amazing opportunities we provide to our students below.

Chi Kung Class

Olympic Style Sparring

Power & Control

Olympic Style Sparring is the type of sparring you see in the Olympics. Competitors score points by kicks or punches that cause the opponent's body to move. This style of sparring helps students exercise power and control. We use only the best, and most advanced teaching methods to activate the minds of our students, and help them absorb all of the information presented. Learn and have fun all at the same time with Sohn's Agape Taekwondo.

Karate Course

Competitive Pattern Style

Discipline & Memory

Taekwondo Pattern or also known as Poomsae isa sequence of movements linked together in a prescribed order. When performing the pattern, the following are needed:






Kung Fu Training

Professional Demonstration

Applying Knowledge & Skills

Professional Demonstration team is composed of hand-picked expert students. The team will perform at special events and go on mission trips. Performances done by the team include Taekwondo combined with dancing, breaking boards, and competitive pattern style.

For more information on services offered at Sohn's Agape Taekwondo, contact us.

Who We Are

Imparting Knowledge

Sohn's Agape Taekwondo seeks to give the best training to students and to teach humanity. We seek to strengthen our students physically and mentally. 

Daily News & Articles

Check out all the happenings here at Sohn's Agape Taekwondo. You’ll find out more about our latest programs and what we have coming up in the future. We’ll also provide links to media stories about our Martial Arts School. We’re proud of the attention we get and positive impact we have on the Thornhill community, and want to share it all with you. Read more below and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a beat.

September 2021

After School Program

We pick your child up from school

Email us for more details!

Karate Practice

September 2021

Belt Test

Kendo Battle
Training Man
Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards


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Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm


4-385 John St, Thornhill, ON L3T 5W5, Canada

(905) 707-5887

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